Super Bowl Prediction

The Falcons take on the Patriots in the Super Bowl

The Falcons take on the Patriots in the Super Bowl. It’s come down to these two teams and they are both deserving of the position they’re in. Atlanta has been lighting up the scoreboard while playing terrific defense and the Patriots have managed to appear in yet another title game during the Brady/Belichick era. This could be one of the best Super Bowl games in history. But someone has to win. I’m hoping it’s Atlanta.

The Falcons take on the Patriots in Super Bowl

Julio Jones Has Made His Mark in the NFL

The Falcons take on the Patriots in Super Bowl

Brady Ready for a 5th Ring

As a Jets fan you realize there is a formula to beat Tom Brady; and the formula simple- keep him off the field before he picks your defense apart. Atlanta is the team that can do it. Atlanta can dink and dunk their way down the field like the Patriots or they can push the ball up the field so fast you won’t know what happened. The Falcons are showing off two top tier running backs in their offense this year and it will quite possibly be them who can win this game and bring a Lombardi Trophy to Atlanta.

A steady dose of chain moving runs and screen passes is just what the doctor is calling for. The Falcons have to use their running backs to dominate the time of possession and keep the Patriots offense off the field. On the other side of the coin this will keep the Falcons defense fresh and able to get to Tom Brady, the most immobile quarterback in the NFL, when they need it most in the second half.

The Patriots are playing for a little more than a title too however. Despite what Brady says I’m sure he would like to rub in Roger Goodell’s face that he’s back in the big game without any clouding scandals. And not to mention Brady is playing for an NFL high 5th championship that would surely solidify his place in Canton and maybe as the best quarterback ever to play the game. There is no better quarterback in crunch time than Tom Brady. He is a machine and he makes everyone around him better.

I’m just hoping as a selfish Jets fan that Matt Ryan has a bigger bag of tricks than Tom Brady. You just know that Belichick will do everything possible to eliminate Julio Jones from the game but the Falcons have too much fire power outside of Julio Jones. This game is really going to come down to the wire. But I think Atlanta has too much talent everywhere to let this one slip away. I’m picking Atlanta to win.

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