2017 NFL Divisional Matchup Predictions

We’re diving right into this weekend with predictions on all four games.

 Seahawks vs Falcons

I understand that why the Falcons are favored over the Seahawks this week. They’ve been a potent offense all season long and have proven to be a very tough team at home all season. But isn’t that always the case with Atlanta? They wow you all season long and fail to show up in the playoffs. Could this be the year? Nope. Russel Wilson and the Seahawks have not been the powerhouse we’ve become accustomed to over the last few season but they play hard and physical football. I expect Seattle to go down to Atlanta and push the Falcons around in their house.

Texans vs Patriots

Ok, this is kind of a no-brainer right? It’s hard for any team to go up to Foxborough and steal a playoff win from Brady and Co. The Texans don’t have the firepower on offense to keep up and the Patriot machine will roll right over that Texans defense to secure an easy trip to the AFC Championship Game.

Packers v Cowboys

In what will probably be the most action packed game of the weekend the Packers will travel to see the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday. This should be a high scoring game for both teams but Dallas has the advantage with a monster running game to keep Aaron Rodgers off the field. Where the Packers will have short quick strikes to the end zone, the Cowboys will sustain long drives tiring out the Packer defense and eventually Zeke Elliot will take over the game while Dak continues to protect the football. I like Dallas in this one.

Steelers vs Chiefs

Probably the toughest game of the week to call. This one will probably come down to the wire. Sunday night’s game will certainly be a physical matchup filled with hard hits and based around defense. Both teams have talented offenses and both defenses are playing stellar. It’s very tough for anyone to get a win at Arrowhead with the noise and passion of the fans but if anyone can do it it’s the Steelers. Mike Tomlin and Big Ben have been to the dance many times and I have to give them the edge over Andy Reid. A steady dose of Bell on the ground opens up the deep ball for Brown. Not to mention Big Ben finds a way to work his other receivers into the mix making them look like superstars. The Steelers just need to eliminate Travis Kelce from the plan and they should advance to meet the Patriots in Foxborough